Rivendell Flower Show 2019

Floral Fashion Parade project

This is an exciting opportunity. Rivendell Flower Show’s organizers have invited the PFA of NSW to create fresh flower outfits/ dresses to be worn by models in a parade and displayed on mannequins during the show. We would like to invite our members to take part.

The number of entries is limited so if you’d like to take part we’re inviting you to submit a sketch of a design (A4) and a brief description of the concept by the 5th of August for approval of the PFA committee.Submit via email to FloristsNSW@gmail.com

Create a wearable fresh flower outfit/dress. Your design should be visually effective, featuring fresh floral material (flowers, foliage) to highlight the show theme ” Tropicals and orchids”. 
The base of the design is of your choice, anything from a pre-made fabric dress to a design made from scratch by you from any material you see suitable.
The design must be your own, but not necessarily original, but it would be lovely to see new work.
The show’s target audience is the general public.
The designs should be comfortable to wear as they will be worn by models.
Designs should last in good condition for 2 days.
The designs will be worn in two parades, one for each day of the show. TIme of parade is to be advised
You must be a current member of the PFA of NSW to participate.

Mannequins will be provided for your piece to display throughout the show.
Budget per submission : $250.00
Funds will be reimbursed for your floral materials and receipts are required as proof of purchase.
Volunteers to parade the dresses
Space to work

You are responsible:
For your own tool box,sundries, design base, rubbish bags etc.
You’re welcome to bring along your own model.
You also could use extra flowers, materials to enhance your design at your own cost.

Important dates:
Deadline for submission of your design: 5.08. 2019
Rivendell Flower Show: 28th and 29th of September 2019

And finally its all about having fun and showing the community a floral spectacular. So please participate and come along and enjoy this once a year opportunity.We would love to see you there amongst it all. Its a great event which gathering momentum each year.

What do we mean by fresh flower outfit/dress? Check out some inspiration below (not our designs).