PFA NSW Competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, 2017



First Prize $500- other prizes will also be awarded.



This Competition is open to florists or floral designers who are a member of the Professional Florists Association of NSW.

Limited to the first 12 entries.

Your Theme is Kaleidoscope of Colour at the Races. There is a major Fashion on the Field competition at the local Race Carnival and you have been asked to help create a colourful atmosphere with flowers!

The Competition will include 2 items:

  1. An elaborate floral headpiece, fascinator or hat for one of the competitors of Fashions on the Field.
  2. A floral display for the Winner’s Podium, which encapsulates the theme – “Kaleidoscope of Colour”

All floral material will be provided; you will only need to supply all sundry material. A list of all materials will be sent to you 2 weeks prior to competition.

There is no pre preparation or supply of fresh plant material allowed. Any embellishments made of non-horticultural material may be made prior to the Competition. Excluding fresh plant material, all materials and props must be supplied by the Competitor, including staging of your table design and must be able to be moved by stewards at Show. Gluing is permitted but note: there are limited power outlets available and access to one cannot be guaranteed. Please remember that all electrical equipment must have a current safety tag.

The space allowed for your display will be 1m square with no height restriction and will be viewed from the front and sides (please be aware of safety issues).

Weeds declared by City of Parramatta Council are prohibited from being used in any Exhibits at the Sydney Royal Flower & Garden Show.

The time allowed for the Competition is four hours. All Competitors must be ready at 8.30am SHARP for a briefing and the Competition will start at 9.00am and finish at 1.00pm.

There will be a trestle table provided for each of the Competitors to work on by the RAS. All rubbish must be removed by the Competitors and the area left clean on completion of the Competition. Competitors will be allowed 15 minutes to clean up and remove all equipment after the Competition has ceased.

Your Exhibit will be left on public display for three days and during this time it will be maintained by the RAS and may be moved to another position. As a result your fresh flowers need to be in appropriate containers and or medium.

The Competition will be judged in accordance with The Royal Horticultural Society Competition rules by a panel of judges and their decision is final.

Download the full Flower and Garden Competition Schedule here.

Any queries regarding the Schedule or clarification of definitions of horticultural materials are to be addressed to: Easter Show Competition Query:

Enquiries regarding venue and passes can be addressed to: Elaine Rogers on 02 9704 1449 or


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